'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 67 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Merged Zamasu Finally Destroyed; Trunks Says Goodbye To Son Goku, Vegeta?

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 16, 2016 08:14 AM EST

In the past episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Trunks had successfully aided Son Goku and Vegeta in facing Merged Zamasu. However, in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67, the fate of Trunks seems bleak.

Trunks to the Rescue

The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66 saw Son Goku damaging Zamasu with his Kamehameha wave. Zamasu's face then melts and turns purple, along with his right arm flailing. However, he manages to rise again. Gowasu then reveals that in the merged Zamasu and Black Goku, only one is immortal, and that Black Goku's body is mortal. Son Goku then attempts to use this knowledge against Zamasu.

The "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66 also had Son Goku and Vegeta merge to form "Vegito." They borrowed the Potara of the Supreme Kai. However, as neither of them are Supreme Kais, the fusion is good for only an hour. The fusion enrages Zamasu, who then vowed to get rid of all mortals.

Bulma then finishes repairing the time machine, and Trunks once again joins the epic "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66 battle. He arrives just before the Vegito fusion wears out. His sword was already repaired, then Trunks creates a spirit bomb. After that, successfully stabs Zamasu and cuts him in half.

Farewell, Trunks?

According to some reports, the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 title is "Fill Your Heart with New Hope! Farewell Trunks." With this, many fans are speculating about the ultimate outcome of the epic battle in Episode 66.

With everything back to normal in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67, Trunks may already return to his original timeline, the future. While this could be the most optimistic implication of the title, it could also mean that Trunks could die in the battle between Vegito and Zamasu.

Previously, there have been reports saying that the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 will air on November 27, after a two-week break from the previous one. However, this would not be the case, as the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is confirmed to air on November 20, Sunday.

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