Diablo III Latest News and Updates: Original Diablo Game Coming This January for Diablo III; How to Access Test Version

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 16, 2016 12:04 PM EST

Diablo's original game will be recreated in "Diablo III". This can be accessed by gamers in January 2017, the same period every year that the original version is made available by Blizzard Entertainment to gamers.

Dubbed "The Darkening of Tristram," the event will be available for the entire month of January next year. For this offering, players can hunt a group of cultists along with the opportunity to discover the dark past that haunted Tristram.

Limited availability

It is important to note that the activity will only be available for a limited time in January 2017. Diablo III production director John Langrave explained that they limited its availability to make the event special.

"We wanted it to be special. We have limited events already, like the Kanai event in March," Langrave added. "We want to concentrate it and having it happening occasionally will make it special."

How to access update?

Though the update will be available next year, there is already a way for players to test it on the PTR version, just as long as they own "Reaper of Souls." Gamers can simply log in to the PTR and choose their character.

After selecting the character, they can already go to the waypoint from the map on the game. They are instructed to go to the fountain where they will find a blue portal which will take them instantly to the event.

Other features

Aside from this, players will also be able to copy their characters from the live version. To do this, they need to spot the icon located on the uppermost right hand corner of the game's menu.

This test of the update will enable players to preview what they can expect when January comes. Are you looking forward to the arrival of "The Darkening of Tristram" on Diablo 3?

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