'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: New Trailer Revealed Starter Pokemon Final Evolutions & Z-Moves; Other Characters, Gameplay Details Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 16, 2016 08:18 AM EST

The long wait is over as "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is set to be officially released on Friday. Review sites have nothing but praises for the new game, affirming all the hype it generated. With this, the Pokemon Company just keeps fans getting more excited with new trailers and previews.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Latest Trailer

Just because the official release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is very close does not mean that the hype could not get any higher. A new trailer for the game just revealed the Z-moves that are exclusive to the three starter Pokemon in the Alola region.

For those who do not follow the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hype train, Z-moves are powerful moves that can be used only once per battle. They are created when the Pokemon's wishes sync with its trainer to release their full power together. The trainer must also possess the required item to use it.

In the trailer, the final evolutions of the starters are shown to be using their Z-moves. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter Pokemon include Rowlett, with Decidueye as the final form, Litten, with Incineroar as the final evolution, and Popplio, who ultimately evolves to Primarina.

Decidueye's Z-Move

The Grass/Flying type starter Rowlett evolves into Decidueye, a Grass/Ghost type Pokemon. Its Z-move is called the Sinister Arrow Raid in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." This would allow Decidueye to soar high into the sky and surround itself with a cavalcade of arrows. Decidueye will then swoop down to its opponent to launch the attack

Incineroar's Z-Move

The Fire type starter Litten will have the final evolution of Incineroar, a Fire/Dark type Pokemon. Its Z-move would then be the Malicious Moonsault. Using the move would conjure a wrestling ring around the opponent in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Incineroar will then turn to a fireball and will body slam its opponent.

Primarina's Z-Move

The Water type starter Popplio will then have Primarina as its final evolution, a Water/Fairy type Pokemon. The Oceanic Operetta will be its Z-move, and will conjure a giant water ball with its voice. Primarina will then guide it toward the opponent and will fall over the enemy upon a powerful note. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" cheats, tips and tricks!

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