Who Gets the Highest Salary and Pay in the Anime Industry?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 17, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Anime is the biggest influence brought to you from Japan. Starting from simple drawings before, anime is improving nowadays, together with different artists that we know such as Akira Toriyama, Osamu Tezuka, CLAMP, and many more artists. Now, the question remains to which person in the anime industry gets the highest pay? From animators, design manager, program control, to voice actors and sound technicians. The people behind anime movies and series works hard everyday to achieve the best production and properly deliver the story to the audience and fans of anime.

How much do they pay for each job?

According to the video from Tokyosaurus, salaries vary from job positions to another. Thanks to the anime "Shirobako", the salaries are revealed regarding the five friends who work on different anime industries. First, for part timers, they gain an amount of $20,000 annual salary. Second, for outsource animators, especially in the Philippine, they gain only $8,500 annual salary. Third, for CG animators, episode director, and production assistant gains $21,000 to $24,000 annual salary, which is a lot bigger compared to Japanese animators that gains $10,500 only. Executive producers gain a huge amount of $71,000 annually. The salary from the executive producers are enough to support them through the year. Overall, being one of these positions mentioned is not easy beacuse everyone works hard and deserves credit for what they do.

The biggest salary of all

The biggest salary would be a voice actor. Voice actors gain the largest amount because they make characters alive with their constructed personality and uniqueness in their voice. These voice actors gain $666,000 annually, which is enough to make you a celebrity.Moreover, voice acting  is not an eay task to do because it takes months to master the art of voice acting. Strictness is observed when judged by professional voice actors and veterans during application. An article in Gematsu explains it all. You can view the article here.

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