'Watch Dogs 2' News & Update: Seamless Multiplayer Feature Down; Patch 1.03 Released For General Fixes

By M PEO , Updated Nov 16, 2016 05:16 AM EST

Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs 2" has launched today for PlayStation and Xbox except that the multiplayer mode is not yet functioning. Players are disappointed after the developer's announcement.

The seamless multiplayer feature of the game "Watch Dogs 2" has been removed from the title leaving the players unhappy. However, gamers can still play the solo campaign, but it that is if you are happy playing alone.

According to Eurogamer, the developer Ubisoft has disabled one of its features called seamless multiplayer for the reason that it causes serious lag and periodic crashes in "Watch Dogs 2." It was a decision that the developer need to take so it will not compromise the debut of the game.

Disabling the seamless multiplayer option in "Watch Dogs 2" does not mean that the other multiplayer rules are not working. With Ubisoft's statement, it clarified that Co-op gameplay is still working and players can still send requests or invite friends. 

However, the Co-op gameplay on online sessions with random players is not working. This means that the map for gang hideouts or freeing DedSec prisoners will not work, as it continually disconnects to "Watch Dogs 2" servers.

Additionally, the developer also recently released Patch 1.03 both for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it is not clear what is it for. The Patch 1.03 was released with a 216MB download file size yet there is no Patch note with it. It is speculated that the Patch is for the previous bug complaint of disappearing smartphone in "Watch Dogs 2."

On PlayStation Lifestyle, the bug found is actually Marcus' smartphone that disappear completely that also affects the progress of the game. Ubisoft responded quickly to the complaint and said that the smartphone bug is extremely rare and the released Patch 1.03 is speculated to have the fix.

Meanwhile, there is still no information yet from Ubisoft to when they could finally release the lag and crash issue in seamless multiplayer. Following its statement, the update has already been passed on to Sony and Microsoft for certification that can take some time. "Watch Dogs 2" launch for PC has been delayed and it is expected to be released on November 29.


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