Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Latest News & Updates: New Samsung Smartphone Will Improve Upon S7, Include Its Own Version of Siri

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 16, 2016 08:26 AM EST

With the massive controversy surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7, with all its overheating and semi-exploding glory, Samsung is looking to bounce back strong with their new, upcoming smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is shaping to be quite the impressive device and might just be the gadget that Samsung is hoping for to regain their reliability, fandom, and overall reputation. What kind of features will the Samsung Galaxy S8 have?

According to CNET, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to have next-generation tech features pre-installed for the user's enjoyment. One of these features is rumored to be an ultra 4K resolution that consists of 3840x2160 pixels on-screen. The S8 is also rumored to have dual cameras at the back of the phone, taking inspiration from the iPhone 7 Plus.

A myriad of other new features such as a pressure-sensitive screen is also expected to be included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Rumors suggest that Samsung will follow its tradition and provide two options of the smartphone for consumers to choose from, taking inspiration from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its more advanced counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The two expected models of the Galaxy S8 is rumored to have a 5.1 inch dual-curved display for the first model, and a 5.5 inch dual-curved display for the second; mirroring those of the S7.

However, one of the coolest features Samsung is rumored to have in place for the S8 is the addition of a feature called Bixby. As reported by Express UK, Bixby is a heavily rumored artificial intelligence assistant being developed by Samsung.

If rumors are to be believed, the Bixby AI will come installed with every Samsung Galaxy S8 once it releases and will be accessible to the user to interact with via voice commands and/or a dedicated Bixby button. This is Samsung's apparent answer to Apple's own digital assistant Siri.

There is no true release date yet available for the Samsung Galaxy S8. But, experts expect it to be released sometime in April of next year.

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