'Pokemon GO' Tips And Tricks: How To Add a Pokestop Near Your Favorite Hang Out Place

By Allan B. , Updated Nov 16, 2016 09:38 AM EST

When Pokemon GO first launched early this year, the game assigned a Pokestop and Gyms not just in schools, water tanks, famous landmarks, churches, and places where people gather but also at the most oddest places possible like in a graffiti, ashtrays, roofs and a lot more. One must wonder, how Niantic picked their Pokestops.

Pokemon GO Based on Maps of Ingress

Reports circulating online has confirmed that anyone can actually submit a place as a potential Pokestop in "Pokemon GO". The best thing about it is its free and people can submit any place they like. According to reports, the map that Pokemon GO used is based on the very first location-based augmented reality game from Niantic called “Ingress.” The portals used in the game were used as basis to create the map for "Pokemon GO."

How to Submit Pokestops in Pokemon GO

So where the portals did from “Ingress” came from? Most of it were also submissions from the game’s players and anyone can start submitting too by just creating an account in the game. Just download the app from iTunes or Android and look for the portal submissions. Players will be asked to fill up information including uploading a photo of the area.

However, reports claim that Niantic is not accepting submissions in big cities for now. It is assumed that the company still needs to catch up with their backlog in Pokestop submissions in "Pokemon GO" so until then, no new Pokestop can be submitted for consideration. As for people living in smaller towns, there could still be a possibility.

"Pokemon GO"players that live in smaller towns can have some Pokestops approved by just looking for portals near the area that may not have been activated. Chances are, the approval of the portal is still on hold because no photo is attached. Players can upload a photo and wait for approximately 2 to 3 weeks to receive a confirmation message from Niantic.

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