'PhotoScan App' from Google Photos Transforms Old Photos to Clear & Optimal Ones

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 16, 2016 09:20 PM EST

Photos from the past are something you want to cherish because it gives you a memory where you enjoyed and felt happiness for some reasons. Photos remind you of a good or bad memory, which is why it is kept for a long time so you can access it whenever you want to see it again. However, through time, photos fade and their faded colors make the photo unrecognizable or hard to see. Due to our modern technology, Google discovered and created a new app that lets people capture images from that photo and that app will scan it to improve quality and make it clearer than before. This app is called "PhotoScan app".

What does the app do on your Android or iOS phones?

Since buying a scanner is costly and can consume a lot of money, this app will at least save you from doing that. On the other hand, taking a picture from a photo will always end up in a glare, which further destroys the quality of the old photo. People want to see a more efficient way to store their old photos without worrying if they fade because it is a file in their memory cards or phone memory now. A blog post from software engineer from Google Photos, Jingyu Cui, states about "PhotoScan app" in the post.

Choose a filter or type of restoration

After the photos have been taken from the old ones, users can choose from different types of filter that go with that photo they took. Depending on their tastes and preferences, they can choose from monochromatic filter, sepia, Eiffel, and many more types. Some can choose to just stick with the original one.Just like other photo editors out there, lighting can also be adjusted through contrast, whites, exposure, shadows, and highlights. Lastly, "PhotoScan app" still needs some work in the future because some users have little problems with it (reviews can be viewed in the Google Play Store page). Once the photo editing and restoration is done, it directly gets stored in your memory card or phone memory. Of course, Google Photos must also be included because the two work well together.

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