Fan Makes Fallout 3's Flaming Shiskebab

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 25, 2013 08:00 AM EDT

Attemtping to recreate video game weaponry is a difficult task, perhaps even more so than salvaging parts and jerry rigging something in the post-apocalyptic wastes. At least there, no one will blink twice at the sight of a flaming sword.

In reality, options are a bit more limited. There's no death claws from which to make a proper gauntlet, the dart gun isn't as effective without the venom of an overzisesd mutant scorpion, and the rocket launcher is little more than a glorified leaf blower. But the shishkebab? That remains well within the world of possibility.

Made of a motorcycle gas tank and handbrake, lawn mower blade, and a pilot light to spark it up, the Shishkebab was an excellent companion when you ran out of bullets and had to go mano-a-raider. Below you'll find the flaming melee weapon of doom brought very impressively to life, courtesy of GreekGadgetGuru.

Effective? Given that the flame partially goes out after one thwack into the melon, not quite. Intimidating? Yep.

Obviously, don't try this at home. Or do if you'd like, it's a free country, just let us know what it's like to get a skin graft after going Gallagher on some produce. At least you won't have to wonder around a wasteland to collect the supplies.

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