'The Affair' Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Helen to be Plagued with Guilt; Noah Struggles & Finds New Love

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 17, 2016 08:53 AM EST

"The Affair" Season 3 is definitely filled with more drama that the show is known for. Actress Maura Tierney, who plays the Helen Solloway, has teased what is bound for her character in the upcoming episodes of "The Affair."

Tierney said in an interview by the Daily News that her character Helen will be drowning in guilt and desperation. However, she would still manage to put up a calm façade, having been brought back from the bad choices she's made. Her main struggle in "The Affair" Season 3 is her internal turmoil.

Looking back to the events of "The Affair" Season 2, Helen's ex-husband Noah, played by Dominic West, pled guilty to the murder of Scotty, portrayed by Colin Donnell. However, it was hugely implied that he did not actually commit the crime. The controversial premise in "The Affair" actually saw Noah taking the fall for Helen, who was the one driving the vehicle that struck Scotty. Also inside the truck was his current wife Alison, played by Ruth Wilson, who accidentally shoved Scotty out to the road as the hitting car approached. What could happen in "The Fall" Season 3?

Tierney then added that Helen would grow ever more desperate with every episode of "The Affair" Season 3. Her character would do a lot of surprising things that would border on crazy and unhinged.

"The Affair" Season 3 will be set three years after Noah's imprisonment. He will be seen being released from prison and no longer in relationship with Alison. He will then be living with his sister Nina, played by Jennifer Esposito. Tierney then quipped that the third season of "The Affair" is all about Noah.

"The Affair" Season 3 will be riddled with flashbacks, as Noah's journey in prison gets incremental revelations. The first episode will see Noah struggling to navigate the challenges of his old life while still attempting to adapt to his new one. He will then meet Juliette Le Gall, played by Irene Jacob, and will be his new love interest. Noah will then learn that someone is following him.

"The Affair" Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, November 20. It will air at 10PM on Showtime.

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