iPhone 7 Latest News & Update: Black Friday Discounts on Apple Phone from Verizon, Walmart, Target & Best Buy

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 17, 2016 07:28 AM EST

Amazon and Walmart have been cutting off prices for famous brands of phones in sale such as the iPhone 7. Sales are what people are looking for because the prices of the devices or goods that they want to buy goes down a fairly good amount, thus, people buying products such as iPhones and smartphones can save a huge sum of money by going through the sales. One sale that is famous and awaited is the Black Friday sale. iPhone 7 will cost a lot cheaper compared to the original price with the same quality. Just like buying a brand new phone.

iPhone 7 and when will it have lower price

As of now, markets and stores have been starting to lower the price at an early date until it reaches to the final moments of the sale, which is the Black Friday sale. People and consumers will rush to get their hands on the phones that they saved up money for. In addition, other than iPhone 7, other known brands are present as well such as Samsung Galaxy S7.Smartphones such as LG Treasure LTE, and many more. Such phones will be super lowered that is enough to save a lot of money when compared before. Buyers can be notified online by registering on the sales website and will be the first to know when a deal is available. (mentioned in Express.co.uk)

Huge stores that cater online shopping and/or deliveries also lowered their prices. One example would be Best Buy lowering the price of an unlocked iPhone 7 up to $250 GC with agreement. Together with Best Buy, Verizon is starting to lower Samsung Galaxy S7. Numerous phones will be lowered on the said date. Speaking of the date, the Black Friday 2016 sale will be nine days from now. Walmart and other stores are noting the date as well and lowering the costs of gadgets and devices because of the said sale. The full details from one website with the prices from different stores are listed in TheBlackFriday.com.

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