'Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Travis to Totally Become Badass; Family Reunion Won't Be Happy

By Laine Lucas , Updated Nov 17, 2016 10:46 AM EST

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 ended in a shockingly explosive manner, with Travis Manawa's (Cliff Curtis) finally losing it and resorting to murder. Travis always had a peaceful temperament, but the events that transpired in the previous season finally led him to snap and beat up two deranged men who killed his son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). Fans now wonder if Travis will now take on a new personality once "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3 airs.

According to executive producer David Erickson, who told Comicbook.com, fans will definitely see a "badass version" of Travis in "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3. He will soon become a man who will do what he can just to survive the zombie apocalypse. After all, he has nothing else to lose after Chris' death. "I think that you can't cross that line and then go back. That's not to say he's not going to protect Madison or be protective of her and Alicia, but he's going to go about that in a much, much different way," Erickson explained.

With Travis unleashing his rage, it will certainly affect the way he confronts people who get in his way, and even zombies in "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3. Having him alongside Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Madison (Kim Dickens) would make for a great anti-zombie team, CinemaBlend reported.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if the militia seen at the end of the previous season will become the main villain of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3. So far, the AMC series hasn't featured a main protagonist, but according to Erickson in a separate interview, the militia will surely stir up some trouble for the Clark/Manawa family.

The family reunion is an important element of season 3 that the showrunner would love to touch on. As Erickson had revealed, the family would eventually come to reunite, but due to changes in personality over time, this get together won't be a happy one, "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3 returns to AMC sometime in 2017.

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