Playstation 4 News: Persona 5 Delayed to April 2017

By danjvitan , Updated Nov 17, 2016 11:34 AM EST

One of the most anticipated games of 2017, Persona 5 will be getting another delay. Atlus announced the delay during a livestream, which also debuted the first English-language gameplay of the upcoming role-playing game. Persona 5, which was originally set for a February 14, 2017 release, will now launch on April 4, 2017 on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Japan on the other hand, has already had their hands on the game since mid-September. Glowing reviews from Japan make the wait much more painful for fans outside the country.

To make up for this, Atlus has announced that the game will feature dual audio, giving players the option to choose between English and Japanese language. The Japanese option will be available as a free downloadable content based on a post on the Playstation Blog. This will surely satisfy fans of the Japanese vocal option as the game was first intended to launch internationally featuring only English audio. Atlus has also announced a free Persona 5 theme that is available for download for a limited time. The company does sure how to make it up for fans.

Anticipation for Persona 5 has been brewing ever since Persona 4 was released eight years ago. The franchise now is one the most popular properties of Atlus and has become a favorite for Japanese Role Playing fans alongside other iconic franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Persona games blend a variety of genres such as, high school simulator, dating simulator, monster catching and raising and dungeon crawling.The latest entry has the same formula as previous entries. The player controls a silent protagonist who lives out a single year attending high school in Tokyo.

The game features a night and day cycle wherein the player takes on a role of high school student during day time, while exploring dungeons and solving mysteries at night. Time management is essential for the game, balancing several roles as any student would have experienced in real life such as, studying for exams, joining clubs, socializing with friends and working as a part timer. Battle system is still turn-based giving players bonuses when striking an enemy's weakness. Bases on the reports, Persona 5 seems to have used its formula from previous games but made some improvements and additional features to keep the game fresh. Stay tuned for more updates on Persona 5.

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