'Watchdogs 2' Latest News & Update: Game Shows Explicit Portrayal Of Female Genitalia, Ubisoft Issues Apology & Will Release New Patch

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 18, 2016 12:00 AM EST

A few days ago, players of the game "Watch Dogs 2" found out that there is a fully rendered female genitalia on some of the NPCs. Apparently, this "Watch Dogs 2" explicit content can be seen when the player attacks or kills a female NPC. The news started to go viral after the user Goron2000 posted on Neogaf his whole experience.

According to his post, while playing the game "Watch Dogs 2" he accidentally killed some characters with a blown gas pipe. After closer inspection, he was surprised to see the fully rendered genitalia on the NPC. He took a photo with the ingame camera and posted it on twitter for his friends and also on the thread in Neogaf.

The player was surprised that the game would include such content. The next thing he knows, his account was suspended by Sony since activities with sexual content are against their code of conduct. The ban came from the game developers of "Watch Dogs 2," the ones who have published the game.

After numerous criticisms and complaints from other players, the ban was eventually lifted but they still insisted that the user violated their terms and conditions for posting the photo from "Watch Dogs 2." Sony also mentioned that the email was wrongly sent to the player.

Ubisoft has since issued an apology about the mishap and mentioned that an update will be released for "Watch Dogs 2" to remedy the situation. They did not, however, give an explanation as to why the character was modelled that way. It can be noted though that the character in "Watch Dogs 2," deliberately shows some nudity like men urinating outside or a group running around naked acting like naturalists.

"Watch Dogs 2" was initially rated by the US Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as having mature content. But, after seeing the violence and the connection to nudity it was eventually raised to Adults Only.

Ubisoft further added that they will be updating the game to make all the NPCs consistent. They will also be working with their first party-partner, to make sure that players will be able to share content from their game without violating any of their codes of conduct.

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