‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Update: Gaming Tips To Maximize Aerial Drone Usage; Skill Upgrades To Prioritize

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 18, 2016 06:45 AM EST

Ubisoft recently released the sequel to its open world adventure video game "Watch Dogs." With the game's new challenges, here are a few gaming tips to survive in "Watch Dogs 2."

"Watch Dogs 2" gave avid gamers several new side quests and main story challenges to complete, as well as a few in-game toys to use. Marcus, the game's protagonist, has a vast array of tools and weapon choices such as stun gun, a remote controlled car and an aerial drone.

Gaming tips posted at Kotaku advised gamers to save enough in-game money to purchase the gaming title's aerial drone. Described as the most useful tool in "Watch Dogs 2," the drone can be used to do some reconnaissance work to get a good idea of the layout of a certain area or to find the location of guards.

Access keys, marked by an icon and a red cloud, can also be snatched using the aerial drone. However, guards can sometimes spot the drone and shoot it out or throw rocks at it to bring the device down. Players can press the circle/B button to recall the drone before the guards can spot them.

Some of the in-game challenges in "Watch Dogs 2" involve solving pipe-flow locks that may be spread across a vast area. Using the drone to solve the puzzle will be more efficient than having Marcus run around the area, as indicated in the same report.

Other uses for the "Watch Dogs 2" aerial drone include tracking down invaders. Getting a profile of an opponent's location will be very helpful in finding and stopping attackers.

Skills upgrades are also necessary to enhance Marcus' abilities in Ubisoft's game. After completing the first skill tree, gamers should prioritize getting upgrades specifically the Proximity Scanner that will allow the aerial drone to identify the enemies' location through walls.

The stun gun's Steady Aim upgrade will also increase the said weapons range in "Watch Dogs 2," while the Hijacker skill will enable Marcus to get any car without risk of police detection. Meanwhile, the Improved Profiler skill will help players to discover wealthy game characters to rob.

In other news, Ubisoft developers are currently working on a potential gaming fix to reactivate the game's online multiplayer mode. Recently, the gaming company posted an announcement on its forums that stated how they have "been prioritizing finding a solution to the online connection frame rate issue" to bring the said gameplay feature back.

Ubisoft added that they are targeting to deploy the patch fix as soon as possible and hopefully activate the seamless multiplayer feature during the weekend of Nov. 18. However, if the patch is unable to address technical issues, the said feature will remain off until a solution can be found.

"Watch Dogs 2" was released on Nov. 15 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn more about the game in the clip below:

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