Destiny’s ‘Planet Crushing War-Beasts’: What Are They All About

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 30, 2013 09:45 AM EDT

Bungie's Destiny is easily one of the hottest titles of the year, and is looking to revolutionize the way we currently see all the MMO titles available in the market. Recently, Bungie mentioned the game will have “planet crushing war-beasts,” but there are few details as to what they might be.

Bungie revealed the following details in an interview with the PlayStation Magazine. The company stated that these aforementioned beasts will be found in all over the in-game world and will populate the solar system.

“Enemy design picks the pockets of many mythologies, too, populating the solar system with ‘planet-crushing war-beasts, spider pirates and their rusted machines, time-travelling robots, and evil space zombies,’ says Christopher Barrett, art director. “We also see a porcine race called the Cabal (think Duke Nukem 3D’s pig cops) guarding a ‘vast machine intelligence’ called Charlemagne within some Martian ruins.”

As far as a detailed structure of the game is concerned, Barrett states that Destiny offers a haunting and a sci-fi vision of the future. He describes: “The Cosmochrome Breach, frozen in time before the collapse. Ruins on the edge of the European Dead Zone, with a perpetual dark storm looming above. The swamps of old Chicago. What once was a 12-storey window in a skyscraper is now a doorway to a dungeon buried deep beneath the snow.”

Furthermore, players will also come across “eerily abandoned Moon bases, lost cities on Mars, ‘mile-long tomb ships’ floating through space, and – Barrett’s favorite – ‘giant obsidian pyramid ships’.”

With all these being said, there’s still a lot to be found about these earth shaking creatures. Nonetheless, YouTube user MoreControl has given his best shot as to how these creatures might look like or behave. Check it out below

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