White 32GB Wii U And Larger Wii Pad Battery Set For Japan

By Ural Garrett , Updated May 30, 2013 05:57 PM EDT

The Wii U may be struggling before the true next-gen race officially starts but Nintendo isn't giving up just yet. 

Starting July 13, Nintendo will be offering a white 32GB Premium set for the Wii U in Japan according to Joystiq. When released in the country last year, the original premium set launched in black.

Pricing for the set hasn't changed at ¥31,500, and according to Nintendo's site, everything from the Wii U's GamePad to console will have the new color while the GamePad stand and cradle will remain black. 

Joystiq asked a U.S. spokesperson of Nintendo if the newly announced set would see a domestic release. The spokesperson told the publication that "this is a Japanese announcement" and "all other territories will make announcements if relevant."  

Also unveiled today was an enhanced Wii U Gamepad battery replacement today. The Wii U Gamepad will replace the original's 1,500mAh with a 2,500mAH that'll equate to five to eight hours of playtime more than the current three to five. The manually installed battery is set for a ¥3,150 price and scheduled to be released in Japan July, 25. 

Nintendo seems not forgotten original Wii support by offering a new fast-charging pack for the Wiimote. Included in the pack is a new battery, backplate and charging stand that should make for quicker charges as well as longer time of usage. Japanese Wii and Wii U owners can buy that battery alone for ¥2,625 or the fast-charging pack for ¥4,200.

In the U.S., major department store Target slashed the price of the basic Wii U set by $60 last week. Amazon slashed it's basic set around the same time by $20 before adding reducing again by $10. 

Nintendo has plans to bring back to the limelight at next month's E3 by letting gamers visit over 100 Best Buys in North America.

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