‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Sylvie Brett Seen Seducing Antonio Dawson? Detective Gives In To Paramedic’s Prayer?

By AASalvador , Updated Nov 19, 2016 11:13 AM EST

"Chicago Fire" Season 5 fans are getting excited with the trailer released recently which shows Sylvia Brett teasing Antonio Dawson. The duo has a colorful relationship in the NBC action-drama, and fans want to know how the dramatic scene would end.

Jon Seda, who plays the role of Antonio Dawson, and Kara Killmer, as Sylvie Brett, will highlight the episode of "Chicago Fire" Season 5 next week. In the trailer, Sylvie is heard saying that she has been praying every night apparently for this moment with Antonio.

However, fans of "Chicago Fire" Season 5 know that Antonio Dawson would want to wait until he and Sylvie Brett will tie the knot. That is, if the relationship will progress in the upcoming episodes.

Before "Chicago Fire" Season 5, fans saw Antonio Dawson was married to a fellow detective Julie Willhite. They have two children, namely Eva and Diego. Julie died during a man-hunt operation with her husband Dawson to take down Pulpo. She was shot fatally in the neck by one of Pulpo's men.

The impact of Julie Willhite's death to Antonio Dawson could be tremendous that he has been careful in taking major steps even in his relationship with Sylvie Brett "Chicago Fire" Season 5. Kara Killmer's character as paramedic has also been dramatic and chaotic. Her on and off marriage with her overbearing husband could also have taken toll in her emotions.

Antonio Dawson and Sylvie Brett first met when Sylvie replaced Shay as paramedic in charge. Dawson was initially cautious about Sylvie but eventually they became close friends. "Chicago Fire" Season 5 will definitely take a big turn if Dawson and Sylvie finally take another step in their relationship.

Where do you think Antonio Dawson and Sylvie Brett's relationship is going on "Chicago Fire" Season 5? Tell us what you think and stay tuned to GamenGuide.

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