'Heroes of the Storm' Release Date, News & Update: Play 'The Nexus Challenge,' Receive 'Overwatch' Rewards

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Nov 19, 2016 06:46 AM EST

This month's BlizzCon from Blizzard Entertainment brought about a slew of exciting news for gamers, including some for "Overwatch" players. It was previously announced that those who play the multiplayer online battle arena game "Heroes of the Storm" will receive some awesome rewards for another game: "Overwatch."

Gamespot reports that Blizzard has now announced the "Overwatch" rewards that come to "Heroes of the Storm" players. Blizzard is encouraging fans to play "The Nexus Challenge" in order to receive "Overwatch" rewards.

Gamers who participate or play in "The Nexus Challenge" in "Heroes of the Storm" will be able to receive rewards. From now until January 4, gamers who play 15 "Heroes of the Storm" games, and specifically, play "The Nexus Challenge" with at least one friend, will receive a Zarya for free. Gamers who do so will also receive one Oni Genji portrait.

"Heroes of the Storm" players must note that "The Nexus Challenge" games can be played in Quick Match, Unranked Draft, Co-op vs. AI, as well as Ranked modes, except for Brawl. They're also tossing in some awesome loot for "Overwatch."

"Heroes of the Storm" gamers who play "The Nexus Challenge" will receive "Overwatch" rewards, specifically the Oni Genju skin, portrait, and spray. For those who play the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you'll have to connect your Xbox Live and/or PSN accounts to receive the rewards right to your console.

What's even more exciting is that "Heroes of the Storm" gamers who participate in "The Nexus Challenge" and complete 15 games will receive four new characters. These characters are Li-Ming, Kerrigan, Greymane, and Auriel. These set of characters are on top of the Orochi Hovercycle mount and a 30-day stimpack.

Blizzard's senior artist Phill Gonzales recently spoke to Trusted Reviews to share that they're catching up with the IP for "Overwatch" by releasing more content for the game. He admitted that ideally, they wanted "an 'Overwatch' tank, specialist, assassin, so all those roles are filled."

To keep up with the latest on "Overwatch" and "Heroes of the Storm," keep checking back. Also comment below on if you're playing 15 "The Nexus Challenge" games to get your hands on the "Overwatch" rewards.

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