Nintendo Switch To Get 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Version

By Arah TJ , Updated Nov 19, 2016 08:50 PM EST

In a recent report, Nintendo Switch will get a version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon." According to the source, this version it could be similar ato Red and Blue's sibling Yellow or Pearl and Diamond's Platinum.

According to the sources of Eurogamer, a version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that will come in Nintendo Switch is already in development. This game version will come in 2017, and currently, it is under the codename "Pokémon Stars." However, one of the sources added that the development was paused, while the team at Game Freak was wrapping Sun and Moon. So "Pokemon Star" is probably won't come out until 2017.

The Nintendo Switch version of "Sun and Moon" will feature the same map of the original Pokemon game, which includes, same routes and cities. Expect also there will be same art style, however, it be built using separate, higher-resolution assets.

Previously, "Pokemon" games launched "Pokémon Yellow," then followed Game Boy originals "Red and Blue." After and "Red and Blue," it was followed by "Pokémon Platinum" and "Diamond and Pearl" on Nintendo DS.

According to Endgadget, it may not be a simple port as the game will feature high-res graphics. Aside from that, new bits aren't in the new 3DS titles.

Endgadget also predicts that the new game that will come in Nintendo Switch will allow users to trade creatures back and forth between the console and handheld version using the Pokemon Bank mobile app. The source also added (or think) that there a chance for new pokemon in "Pokemon Stars" that are not yet available in "Sun and Moon."

Currently, the main "Pokemon" games are still sticking to handhelds because these games are made for trading and battling. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is a portable console, according to the previous report.

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