Solar Roof By Tesla Is Totally A Budget Saver, Find Out Why Everyone Should Have These

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 19, 2016 12:10 PM EST

When it comes to homeowners needing aroof replacement but don't have the budget for expensive materials, Tesla offers a more affordable alternative. Tesla now offers new solar roof that can be bought in an affordable price which means more savings.

Tesla's solar roof has made a solution for homeowners spending more on roof repairs and electricity. According to Bloomberg, it only costs less which allows people to save money in the fullness of time.

Recently, Tesla has acquired Solar City by 85 percent of their shareholders via voting to go get the deal making Tesla a leader in the solar energy industry. As soon as the deal was done, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk have announced that the new solar roofing will cost less and will be easily installed compared to any roofing materials. This would help save the electric bill for which the CEO added that the electricity is just a bonus and that the roof is the main priority.

The Solar Roof of Tesla would save amounts of money over any traditional roofs. From this invention, the roof gives protection to the house as well as produces electricity to power the house. This project can be a revolutionary development in the roofing industry. As Tesla unveiled the new products, they strongly bear a resemblance to high-end roofing materials as they imitate fancy terracotta and slate roofing tiles that are made out of textured glass.

Solar roof has some stylish designs that are made to be available so that people could choose ones that match their preference. The electricity produced from the roof can power any house as well as any electric vehicle according to Vox.

The predictable savings will come from shipping costs for the materials since they are heavy, bulky, brittle and expensive to ship. The tempered-glass roof tiles are lighter and easier as well as cheaper to ship.Solar Roof is expected to be released and be ready by summer of this year.

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