Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic For iPad - The Force Stays Strong [REVIEW]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jun 01, 2013 11:28 AM EDT

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came back in 2003, and instantly found a fan following that was enough to leverage the game to stardom, with absolutely no question whether you should play the game or not (everyone should). Ten years down the line, we have an iPad port for it, and needless to say, the game hasn’t lost its shine. It’s just perfect.

Starting off, the game does take a bit of time for you to get used to it, but once you do, it’s one of the most awesome things you will ever see on an iPad screen. Now we are not chalking up comparisons with the likes of Dragon age or others in the Bioware universe, but even if we managed to do that, the game would still stand strong as does its other Bioware counterparts.

First of all, the game sees a lot of improvements with the port to a much smaller screen and these improvements can easily be noted via the iPad’s touch interface which is almost perfect. The in-game pause-and-play combat system is a real treat for any Star Wars fan because it lets you select your combat moves and available items so easily while in a fight.

However, the in-game movement could still be a pain for most fans. Once in the game, you will find out that running from destination A to destination B involves dragging and holding your finger to guide the Jedi in the right direction. What this does is it blocks most of the part of the screen which, in turn, makes the whole process a bit difficult.

But this doesn’t really matter when you are in a fight since movement (by dragging) and shooting (by tapping) cannot be done concurrently, and moreover, the movement is automated.

The menu navigation, this time around, has also been made better with the port to the iPad with its touch-propagated controls. There are separate controls for initiating a conversation which could be troublesome at times, but nothing that great to tip the game off its rightful place among one of iPad greats.

If you find the game a bit on the dark side (no pun intended), it is advised to set the brightness manually that will make the colors on the iPad screen pop up to life. Don’t mind the shoddy cutscenes though.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a must play if you are a proud owner of an iPad, and especially for those who unfortunately missed out on the original game that made it all happen.

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