Netflix Teases Fans With New Tech On Latest Promotion Of 'Black Mirror'; Netflix Vista Inspires Patent Filings For Smart Contact Lenses

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 20, 2016 10:38 AM EST

Fans of the "Black Mirror" series were treated with a new concept technology. While giant tech companies are coming up with ways to deliver VR content, Netflix recently unveiled an imagined contact lens like device that lets you binge watch your favorite shows with a blink of your eye.

The new Netflix advertisement video was intended to promote the upcoming season of "Black Mirror;" a British television show that examines modern society with regards to the unpredictable consequences of our emerging technology. The show features suppositional fiction and is created by Charlie Booker.

Netflix Vista Ad Cleverly Ties Up The New Black Mirror Series

Fans of the show recognize the imaginary lens like device as a similar eye-based contraption that was featured on "The Entire History of You" episode of the hit sci-fi series. Instead of replaying videos of your own life as the title of the episode suggests, Netflix Vista allows you to binge watch your favorite TV shows anywhere and anytime.

The Ad shows you the consequences of technology invading our lives. The context of the video was a perfect intro piece for the upcoming sci-fi series. According to Mashable, Fans of the series were thrilled to the new advertisement as major tech companies are indeed working on developing such a device.

Google, Samsung And Sony Filed Patents For Smart Contact Lenses

The concept of Netflix Vista is certainly something worth the chatter but tech giants are now gaining progress in developing "smart contact lenses" that we could use in the near future. In article from Venturebeat, big tech rivals Google, Samsung and Sony have already filed their individual patents for developing the intriguing device.

Samsung has already detailed their plans to create a "smart contact lens" that has a built in camera; Google and Sony are not far behind. Netflix certainly did not base "Black Mirror's" new advertisement on fictional technology. Wearable TV screens might become a reality in the very near future.

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