'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68, 69, 70 & 71 Spoilers: New Exciting Story Arc to Begin! Powerful Assassin To Kill Son Goku?

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 21, 2016 08:52 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" just keeps getting more exciting every episode. With Zamasu and the other threats already defeated by Son Goku and his group, what will the future episodes show? Good thing, then, that a new story arc is said to be coming to the show. What should fans expect in "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 68, 67, 69, 70 and 71.

Episode Titles Leaked

A recent leak has revealed the titles of Episodes 68 to 71 of "Dragon Ball Super." With the leaked titles, it can only be surmised that the plotline will now be very different than what the show is currently showing.

The Episode 68 of "Dragon Ball Super" will be titled "Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted!?" and will air on November 27. The next episode will then be titled "Goku VS Arale! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle?!" and will be shown on December 4.

The 70th Episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on December 11, and will be titled "Champa's Challenge! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!!" Lastly, Episode 71 will be airing on December 18, and will bear the title "Death to Goku! A Hit - Job That Can't Be Refused."

Fans should take note though that nothing has been officially confirmed yet regarding this news. Also, it has not been quite clear on when the new story arc of "Dragon Ball Super" will officially begin, as there might be an overlap or filler episode among the four leaked titles.

Son Goku's Assassination?

As mentioned in the leaked "Dragon Ball Super" titles, the new story arc will be featuring the planned assassination of Son Goku. The show will ultimately test the toughness of Son Goku as the most powerful assassin will be hired to end him.

There are also rumors that the "Dragon Ball Super" franchise will be creating a standalone episode. This is due to the fact that the latest episodes of the show have generated quite a hype from its fan base.

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