'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Best Abilities to Use to Easily Become the Ultimate Pokemon Master! News, Updates

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 21, 2016 08:57 AM EST

With "Pokemon Sun and Moon" currently out, new trainers dream of becoming a successful one and mastering the game. To help in doing this, Pokemon abilities are there to aide in defeating opponents in battle. Here are the top five best abilities to use in the game.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" had introduced 41 unique abilities that trainers can use in order to be the best trainer in the game. These skills, however, require mastery to be effective.


The first one in the list is Wishiwashi's Schooling ability. So far, it is the only "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Pokemon that possesses this ability. It will then allow the Small Fry Pokemon to become a whale-like beast when the ability is used. When Wishiwashi is in School form, all of its stats would be leveled up.

Queenly Majesty and Dazzling

Next, there are two abilities in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that prevent the opponent Pokemon to use moves with increased priority. These abilities include Queenly Majesty for Tsareena, and Dazzling for Bruxish.

Elemental Surge

The four guardian deities in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" also possess the Elemental Surge abilities to control the weather. They can all be used in Double Battles as well. The Electric/Fairy-type Tapu Koko has the Electric Surge ability. The Psychic/Fairy-type Tapu Lele possesses the Psychic Surge ability. Tapu Bulu then has the Grassy Surge for being a Grassy/Fairy-type. The Misty Surge ability could then be used by the Water/Fairy-type Tapu Fini.

Water Bubble

The Water/Bug-type Pokemon Dewpider, and its evolution Araquanid, has the Water Bubble ability in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". This ability then causes all Fire-type attacks to deal half of the normal damage. It also prevents the user from getting a burn, and will effectively double the attacking power of all Water-type moves.

Beast Boost

Lastly, the seven Ultra Beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" possess the powerful Beast Boost ability. The ability will automatically increase its user's highest stat by one stage when an enemy is defeated. It will also effectively boost all of the user's normal stats.

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