iPhone vs Android Latest News and Updates: iOS Users Experience More 'Failures' Than Those on Android; Which is Better?

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 21, 2016 08:44 PM EST

Many are still divided over which operating system is better in giving an overall gratifying user experience for the customers. Recent reports reveal that iOS devices are not as stable as smartphones running on Android.

What the study showed?

A study conducted by the Blanco Technology Group revealed that a performance survey of devices showed that iOS experienced more failures than Android gadgets. Sixty-two percent of iOS devices had some failures compared to the 47 percent for Android-run gadgets.

It was highlighted that the failure for the devices had something to do with its overall performance like how apps work, crashing problems and difficulties in connecting to a network.

Crash problems

Covering the third quarter of 2016, Blanco's research found out that the common crash problems for iOS involved third-party applications like Snapchat and Instagram. On the other hand, Android devices would usually experience crashes when using in-system apps.

However, it was discussed in the study that the crash rate for iOS devices was even triple than the recorded rate for those running under Android. The latter also did not record a spike on its crash rate compared to iOS.

Which is better?

While the debate continues, many users also believe that there are a lot of functions that Android devices can do which iOS gadgets cannot. One is the multi-window view which allows users to work on two applications at the same time. The feature is available for iOS users but only for those with tablets.

Smartphones running on Android are said to be more compatible for VR gaming and viewing than iOS devices. Users can better enjoy a movie or a game when they use a VR headset with an Android device.

A discussion will be long and endless on the superiority of one operating system to the other but the users have the final say. Which OS do you think is better: Android or iOS?

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