‘Half Life 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Valve Confirms 2018 Launch? Game Available in Nintendo Switch, Other Platforms! 4k Display Confirmed?

By Maui , Updated Nov 21, 2016 10:47 AM EST

Until now, Valve hasn't released any announcements regarding the developments of "Half Life 3." Fans have been patiently waiting for its release for several years. Valve hasn't given any single hint if they are doing "Half Life 3."

But, recent reports claim that Valve is just very discreet while developing the game. Even though Valve keeps silent when being asked about "Half Life 3," some are claiming that Valve is now near the finishing stage of the game's production and the third installment of the game has been set for release very soon.

Valve is a very well-known company for developing the games like "DOTA 2," "Team Fortress" and "Counter-Strike" series but, despite these good titles, fans and gamers are still looking for "Half Life 3." However, a recent update in the game "DOTA 2" hinted fans that Valve is already working for "Half Life 3" virtual reality support.

Some players found a code in the "DOTA 2" update that says HLVR. Fans patiently waiting for "Half Life 3" automatically thought that the code means Half Life Virtual Reality. This rumor quickly spread online and it reached Chet Faliszek a Valve Representative.

Chet Faliszek cleared the rumor that Valve has no plans in giving "Half Life 3" a virtual reality support. Chet Faliszek also said that it would take so much time and effort for developing such kind of feature. Valve is not even considering VR Support right now.

The original "Half Life" game was launched on 1998 for Windows PC. A lot of rumors say that the "Half Life 3" release might be held on year 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game. The game developer is expected to bring out some great features as the fans have been waiting for it more than decade already.

Even though "Half Life 3" will not get a VR support, the game might be capable for a 4K display. It might even be playable through all kinds of gaming platforms and who knows maybe Nintendo Switch is one of it. For more news and updates for "Half Life 3," stay tuned to GameNGuide.

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