Saints Row IV box art pops up online

By James Dohnert , Updated Jun 03, 2013 06:10 PM EDT

Saints Row: The Third was over the top. The open-world game was full of silly characters and gameplay missions that only existed to start up a mayhem. It saw a gang of misfits battle it out with a corrupt military force for control of the city of Steelport.

The entire Saints Row franchise has continuously attempted to top the previous game's madcap chaos. What started as a Grand Theft Auto clone has grown into its own entity unlike anything else out there.

Saints Row IV looks to continue to carry on the franchise's spirit. A recent leak of the game's box art sheds like on the craziness gamers should expect. Originally spotted by a Reddittor, the box art features a slick dressed man hanging out in a destroyed oval office.

The box art sheds light on the games new setting. Saints Row IV will be set in a redesigned Steelport. The imaginary city for this go around was built to look like a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.

Saints Row's story sees the head of the Third Street Saints become the president of the United States. The newly elected president's first action in office is to beat back an alien invading force.

To combat the alien menace Saints Row's developers have added some new weapons and powers to the franchise. Saints Row IV features weapons such as the Inflata-ray and the Dubstep Gun. The Inflata-ray shoots out pulses that make enemies heads grow and explode. While the Dubstep Gun sends out the dulcet tones of Dubstep to wreak havoc on the bad guy's ears.

Saints Row developers also added superpowers to this year's game to make the action even more over the top. Players will get to jump, fly, and run like a Marvel character in Saints Row IV.

Those looking to check out the game will get their chance later this summer. Saints Row IV will launch in North America on August 20. The game will be released across PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Superfans of the game can pre-order the game now to get a hold of the Commander in Chief Edition. The special edition will feature added weapons, costumes and vehicles.

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