‘Adventure Time’ Latest News & Update: ‘Preboot’ & ‘Reboot’ Showcase Incredible Storylines & Design; More Season 8 Details Here

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 21, 2016 09:04 AM EST

After months and months of waiting, "Adventure Time's" back-to-back season finale finally aired. The "Preboot" and "Reboot" episodes ended in a cliffhanger, which again caused fans to contemplate over the show's mythology. With Season 8 on its way however, answers might be provided to avid viewers, and fans can hardly wait.

 "Adventure Time Preboot" Is A Design Spotlight

In "Preboot," "Adventure Time" fans are acquainted with a "human-plus" scientist named Dr. Gross. Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong are set in a cool sci-fi environment in which hybrid animals can be seen. The "Preboot" episode showcases the show's design team, and how keen the creators are in detailing the cybernetic upgrades that can be seen on the hybrid animals created by Dr. Gross.

There's an element of spookiness in "Preboot," delivered by Dr. Gross' cybergenetic experimentation. This episode of "Adventure Time" is one way to see the hit cartoon take a villainous approach, as the characters are enveloped by darkness that can only be caused by the evil doctor.

"Adventure Time Reboot" is Packed with Action; Season 8 Updates

With Susan Strong rewired, Finn finds himself forcefully being transported by Susan. A sequence that really catches attention is when Finn tries to prevent an enormous Jake from flattening Susan. Finn ends up getting absorbed into Jake's foot, travels through his body and comes out on top garbed in the Jake suit. "Adventure Time" has given a lot of effort in delivering better angles and cuts, which is the proper way to exit the current season.

Stated on GamenGuide's previous report is the announcement of a mini-series called "Islands," which somehow marks the beginning of "Adventure Time" Season 8. "Islands" is scheduled for winter - between December 2016 and January 2017.

Those who missed the "Preboot" and "Reboot" episodes of "Adventure Time" can still view it on the Adventure Time News Facebook page, complete with the Cartoon Network watermark. Watch out for more updates on the official release date of "Islands."

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