Google Opens Newest Retail Concept Via Google Shop; Where Is It & How To Buy?

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Nov 21, 2016 10:36 AM EST

Founded in 1998, Google has indeed come a long way. Google has indeed revolutionized the world when it never ceases to innovate and introduce new products and services. From being a company that specializes in internet-based products and services, Google has integrated cloud-computing softwares, voice-based technologies, smartphones, augmented virtual reality, and now, a physical store.

Google Shop was introduced along with the company's latest products at the Pixel event last October 4. The concept of Google Shop is to help the parent company vend its products and demonstrate their features. It is a store inside a store and will debut at chosen Best Buy locations in Canada and in North America.

The store will not only feature current and upcoming devices but aims to provide a sense of community for its users. According to 9to5google, Google Shop is not a retail store but rather a small place of larger retail location that showcases Google's various products.

Google Shop unveiled three shops in the United Kingdom with Dixon's. Janell Fischer, in an interview with Techcrunch, was quoted saying that it pleases them when people can visit and discover, play and enjoy their products. Fischer is Google's Director of Retail Marketing.

In the Shop, products are clustered, but there are special stations where they are combined. For instance, Pixel with Chromecast, or Pixel with Daydream View. There is also a portal that comes in a multi-screen display with dial control.

The Shop, according to Fischer, is that place where Google can learn a lot from the visitors and will be able to adapt to the content of the audience. Google can also remotely update all the digital content of the Google Shop quickly in wherever physical locations they may be. More than local programming, each Google Shop will have a distinct digital content customized to the city where it is stationed.

Google Shop is another milestone for Google. The Shop seems to be limited only to United Kingdom and Canada for now. Fischer said that right now a shop in the U.S. is still not in their plans but she added that the investment and care give her the idea that Google Shop is a prototype for larger retail plans in the future.

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