Remember Me launches with final trailer - What you need to know

By James Dohnert , Updated Jun 04, 2013 10:26 PM EDT

Remember Me is one of the most interesting titles to be released this summer. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, the Sci-Fi adventure game has received comparisons to movies like the Butterfly Effect and Inception.

The game just launched and with it came a final trailer to entice gamers. Check out a trailer and a run down on the game below.

The story: Inception in an Orwellian France

The title takes place in 2084 Paris. Remember Me shows a futuristic Paris where corporations have taken over as the world's dominating power. One company in the game, Memorise Corporation, has created a device that lets consumers remove and share memories.

The corporation's Sensation Engine (Sensen) gives it a great deal of power over citizens. Since creating Sensen, Memorise has been able to build a surveillance state that gives it complete control of society.

Memorise Corporation's immense power leads to rebels known as Errorists who work to undercut it by performing terrorists act throughout Paris. Players take on the role of an Errorist known as Nilin. She is a memory hunter who has the ability to remix and manipulate people's memories. Following a battle with Memorise agents, Nilin became amnesic. The game sees her trying to recover her own memories while remixing the memories of her enemies.

Gameplay: Action adventure in the minds eye

Gameplay in Remember Me mixes a variety of different elements. The game sees Nilin use a mixture of stealth, platforming, puzzles and hand-to-hand combat. Remember Me features an open ended Paris to explore. Nilin has the opportunity to travel the city and sneak around enemies on occasion.

Players can also choose to take on enemies head on. Nilin can perform a variety of hand-to-hand combos to take down enemies. Combat is centered on paced combos and timed button mashing. Gamers will be able to create their own combos by using an unlockable Combo Lab.

The highlight to Remember Me gameplay is the ability to remix memories. Nilin can enter the mind of other characters and rewire memories to change a characters perception. Remixing focuses on solving puzzles and avoiding hazards found inside a characters mind.

Early Reviews: A good story but so-so gameplay

Early reviews for Remember Me are mixed. The game currently holds a score of 68 on MetacritcPolygon's Arthur Giles generally liked the game. In his review, Giles appreciates the title's strong story and clever game design. However, Giles dismisses the game's poor platforming elements and finicky controls. IGN's Daniel Krupa was less kind to the game. He says the it fails to live up to the promise of its clever story ideas. Krupa found the gameplay to be "bland" and "forgettable".

For more information on the title check out the Remember Me launch trailer below.

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