'Resident Evil 7' Latest News & Update: Collector's Edition Features Spooky Mansion Replica, Severed Finger, Death Note From Baker Family

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 21, 2016 06:27 PM EST

GameStop-exclusive $180 collector's edition of "Resident Evil 7" is really cool in its 8-inch Mansion music box that plays spooky "Aunt Rody." To complete the horrific experience, this music box features LED lights that goes synchronized with the theme song.

Now here is another worthy addendum to "Resident Evil 7" collector's edition - a 4GB pendrive that looks like severed finger! This pen drive comes with a bloodied VHS tape that is actually a small container for it. Happy with the treat? There's more in store for those who opt for the merchandise.

"Resident Evil 7" collector's edition also comes with a lithograph that features cannibalistic Baker Family. Couple this with a note from the family that they will devour you to complete the spooky effect, GameSpot reported.

So who conceived this spooky "Resident Evil 7" collector's edition bundle? Think of Project Triforce, the same group behind cool "Battlefield," "Halo" and other merchandise.

Meanwhile, developer Capcom pegged the release date for "Resident Evil 7" in January 24th next year. It is still unclear if PC version will ride along because only Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have listed so far, IGN said. It is also murky for now if there are other retailers that will offer exclusive versions or preorder DLC.

Now to cap up, let us some details from the gameplay based on what Capcom have teased so far. "Resident Evil 7" will feature random items that can be picked by the player. Use DualShockers' analog stick to examine these objects or in some cases, interact with them.

Here is the catch, there is a tendency that the game will jump-startle you because this feature doesn't operate in pause-game. Meaning, Jack Baker could be just behind while you are busy prying a tin can you found in a shelf. Its just that everything is still on the move while the player examine objects.

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