Saints Row 4's pre-order Dub Step Gun is sure to get real annoying, real fast

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 06, 2013 12:21 PM EDT

Two words that should never have been put together are being offered as a pre-order bonus for the upcoming Saints Row IV (or Saints Row 4), a dubstep gun.

Dedicated to the proposition that all wub is created equal, Deep Silver is handing out a replica of the in-game weapon for the absurd but honestly named Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition of the Saints Row IV Collector's Edition. That's a mouthful...

As the press release describes it, "The ultra-high quality weapon replica packs a party with a bitchin' design, sweet tunes directly from the in-game Dub Step Gun and a laser sight. Make no mistake, it's time to get down." Translation, if you have kids, don't get them this edition. Of course, if you have kids and you're already letting them play a Saints Row game in the first place, I truly question your skills as a parent. After all, this is a franchise that helped popularize the concept of a dildo bat.

The Dub Step Gun measures in at 12 inches long, and is sure to produce ear splitting "music" with equal amounts of bass drops. Deep Silver once asked fans what sort of pre-orders they liked to see, suggesting things as basic as a belt buckle and concept artbook, to the truly zany with a Presidential Briefcase complete with a kinky handcuff attached to the handle.

This seems to continue something of a tradition for Deep Silver of offering pre-order bonuses that are a bit odd to say the least. The company caught a bit of flack earlier this year for offering a mutilated woman's bust as a pre-order for the zombie basher Dead Island: Riptide

Saints Row IV sees players who have gone from taking control of the streets to now ruling the enitre country as the Commander in Chief. Instead of common gangsters, players now must fend off an alien invasion with little more than a wide range of presidential super powers. Easily the most realistic premise in gaming. 

Saints Row IV will launch in North America on August 20, for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

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