'Fairy Tail' Chapter 512 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Sting to Face Larcade; Larcade Uses New Sleep Magic Technique! Plot Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 22, 2016 08:57 AM EST

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 512 will once again be filled with action and adventure, as Rogue and Sting, Sabertooth's dragon slayers, will be reuniting to face the glaring evil-Larcade.Are you now excited to watch the "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512?

Chapter 11 Recap

In the episode before "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512, Larcade has exhibited the usage of desire magic. He used the Starvation magic on the group, which effectively made them turn against each other. The group then starts craving to devour one another. However, Sting came to solve the problem by knocking each one of them out. He then faces Larcade, which then led to Sting inflicted with injuries.

As Larcade gets irritated by the persevering Sting, he uses the Sleep magic spell on him. However, before Sting gets overpowered by Larcade's magic, Rogue arrived to back him up. The episode before "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512 ended with Sting aiming to attack.

Larcade's Three Techniques

In a previous article, Larcade's techniques in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512 could actually be broken down into three types. All of these attacks are based desire magic, manipulating the specific desires of its targets. The three are pleasure, hunger, and sleep.

The first one is the pleasure-based attack. Using this causes the targets to suffer both pleasure and pain at the same time. The second one is hunger, which, as seen in the previous chapter of "Fairy Tail," will make the target extremely hungry. They can go as far as eating each other just to satiate that hunger. The last one is sleep, which will be seen on "Fairy Tail" Chapter 152. While the effects are still unknown, it is speculated to ultimately cause extreme exhaustion and eventually, death.

Chapter 512 Preview

In the previous chapters of "Fairy Tail," it has been revealed that Sting is quite immune to the sexual pleasure-based attacks of Larcade. This is why the villain will then use the Sleep magic on him on "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512.

With the ultimate effects of this magic still to be revealed, it is hard to speculate the extent of its effects on its target. Also, it is still unclear whether Sting is also resistant to this magic or not. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 512 will be titled "Sting the White Shadow Dragon," and will air on November 30.

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