'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Discover PokeStops Through Ingress, Discover Things On Map & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 22, 2016 04:23 AM EST

'Pokemon Go' does reveal a wild Pokemon when you go around the place and to the cities, here abundant PokeStops can be found. The benefit of getting a wild Pokemon will reward you, especially when you captured your first catch of the day, tin line with the latest update that rewards players with extra experience and items when they catch their first Pokemon during the day. Now, the so called "Ingress app" reveals nearby PokeStops and spawn points where Pokemons appear, which is most helpful when targeting Pokemons you haven't caught yet.

What will be in Ingress that indicates spawn points?


"Ingress app" for "Pokemon Go" is a little bit tricky to use. To see spawn points, you just enter your current location and the app will scan for it right away. Of course, a player must have internet connection. Ingress app is best used because it indicates spawn points as patches of grass in color green. Once you go to that patch of grass icon as the map follows your coordinates, it may either be a bonus reward or a random Pokemon that will appear. The discussion about "Ingress app" from SkyriderRJM is here and can be viewed for further details.

Urban vs. Rural areas

It is easy to download "Ingress app" because it is located in Google Play Store for free. In addition, the applications serves as the radar and map hack that will guide you in capturing more Pokemons and getting to the right place for PokeStops in "Pokemon Go". Lastly, areas that have the dense cluster or groups of XM will surely have an encounter when you go to it. The only downfall on this app is the uselessness when players live in the rural area, compared to those who live in the urban areas. This is why players are still waiting for a suitable patch or update in the future that fixes and adds features for those who live in rural areas. For more Pokemon Go news and updates, come back for more!

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