Fallout 4 Game News & Update: Bethesda’s Most Ambitious Game Happening in VR? ‘We Definitely Are’ Said Executive Producer Todd Howard

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Nov 22, 2016 08:01 AM EST

For those who are still waiting for the latest announcement of Bethesda Softworks about trying to put all of "Fallout 4" in VR, the project is still under development.

In his recent interview with Glixel, Bethesda's director and executive producer Todd Howards said, "We definitely are. That's the promise of VR, being in a big virtual world. The core experience, meaning you put on the headset and you're standing in the world of 'Fallout' and can go where you want, just that little bit is every bit as cool as you hope it would be."

With the success of the "Fallout" Franchise in general, it is not surprising that virtual reality version of "Fallout 4" will bring memorable and interesting experience, given the nature of its gameplay. However, Bethesda Softworks is not really concerned about on how "Fallout 4" VR will hit the sales and VR marketplace. As what Todd Howard said, "That will all sort itself out. We have an opportunity to make something really unique. We'd rather do that than make some other tiny experience. I don't think that's what people want from us."

Bethesda Softworks assured that the full experience of VR version of "Fallout 4" at E3 2016 will be much more aggressive as Alex tried an early "Fallout 4" VR demo at the show and finds it interesting yet limited.

Howard said that a gamer make their own experience and that was the most important for them. Being a game developer, it is really a success when the game was able to put somebody in a different dimension where they can do whatever they want. And that's what video games do best as a form of entertainment.

Howard also mentioned that the release of "Fallout 4" VR is still unknown but was only confirmed for HTC Vive. However, Bethesda commented that their latest project would be out by the end of June 2017.

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