'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News: Game Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon?

By Allan O , Updated Nov 22, 2016 06:00 AM EST

According to reports, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” could be arriving soon to Nintendo Switch. The development of the game is said to be already on the works with the project name “Pokemon Stars”. It has not been confirmed whether Nintendo will be sticking with the project name and use it as the game’s name or eventually change it to its more popular name “Pokemon Sun and Moon”

However, it has also been reported that Nintendo is not in a hurry in finishing “Pokemon Sun and Moon” for Nintendo Switch because they are prioritizing smoother gameplay for Nintendo 3DS players first. This means fixing any bugs or glitches reported and any other issue that may arise now that the game has been released worldwide.

In a report from Eurogamer, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” for Nintendo Switch should arrive by next year in Summer season. Coincidentally, summer time in 2017 is also exactly Pokemon’s 20th year anniversary so it really makes sense.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” is one of today’s hottest role-playing video game by Game Freak and playable in Nintendo 3DS. It is the first franchise that includes Pokemon seventh generation. Its demo version was released last month and was already considered as the fastest selling demo game and highest pre-ordered game in the history of Nintendo 3DS.

However, just days before the game’s release this month, its files were leaked allowing gamers to download “Pokemon Sun and Moon” via the internet. Many users have then have posted online unrevealed game information including new Pokemon, story mode and a lot more. In an effort to stop players from entertaining pirated copies, gamers that have downloaded the game were no longer allowed to access majority of Nintendo’s online menu including the Miiverse and eshop. This means that anyone that have downloaded the pirated version will basically never have online access again.

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