MacBook Pro Latest News & Update: ‘Doom’ Runs On Apple’s Touch Bar; Discounted 13-Inch Pro Available at Amazon Today!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 22, 2016 09:17 AM EST

Apple's latest MacBook Pro range has gotten some ill reactions from both consumers and critics, but the Touch Bar-infused laptops are undeniably still one of the most stellar devices of 2016. Given one can do insurmountable things with the MacBook Pro, crazily, someone got "Doom" running on the Touch Bar.

MacBook Pro Got "Doomed"

Remember when "Doom" was all that matters? Every gamer on Earth couldn't have possibly avoided the classic FPS game back in the day. While the game runs seamlessly in almost every gadget there is, Adam Bell, Facebook's iOs engineer, got it running on the Touch Bar of the latest MacBook Pro. "Side note, as ridiculous (ly amazing) as Doom is running on the Touch Bar is... the HUD is equally great," Bell Tweeted.

The original "Doom" game running on a MacBook Pro isn't at all surprising, but getting it to run in a Touch Bar is an impressive feat. Bell shared his odd discovery in a YouTube video, which you can see below. The video shows "Doom's" monstrous pixels squeezed onto the Touch Bar complete with music, sound effects, and basically the whole 9 yards of the game.

The Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro is supposed to a replacement for the function keys. It displays context-sensitive controls by way of its multitouch display capability. However, it has its own dedicated processor, which means it can possibly run self-contained apps, reports AppleInsider.

Get a 13-Inch MacBook Pro On Sale!

The 13-inch MacBook Pro technically doesn't have a Touch Bar but Amazon is currently selling Apple's base level laptop for $1399. You may not get to experience what Adam Bell did, but a $100 discount is exceptionally rare so it's worthmentioning.

Overall, reviews for the MacBook Pro range have been fairly positive. The 13-inch Pro, sans the Touch Bar specifically. is faster than the specs would otherwise indicate, reviewers say. Moreover, the laptop's battery life is impressive.

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