'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News & Updates: Wondertrade Feature Makes Trading With Other People Around The World Easy!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 22, 2016 08:31 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is in momentum and it is rapidly growing into fame. The game has new features like the Pokeride, new berries, contests, Pokemon companions Among the mentioned features, these also include the trading system, which is called the "Wondertrade".

This trading system will trade a player's chosen Pokemon and will randomly get another Pokemon from another trainer in exchange of that Pokemon. Sometimes, luck will strike a player and will receive a Pokemon that is not yet in the Pokedex, region, or version of the game. This trade opens a whole new perspective and convenience in trading without having to see another trainer personally as long as that player have internet connection.

Trading can be full of surprises!


As seen in the video from Alex Ogloza, the two of them randomly got a Pokemon, which is surprising and amazing at the same time. Other than this unique trading method, "Wondertrade" is named as is because of its randomness in receiving another Pokemon in exchange for the chosen Pokemon for trading, which is "wonderful". You could even get a shiny Pokemon, depending if another trainer put that for exchange in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

How to select Wondertrade?

An example of trading would be trading your Metapod for a randome Pokemon. Chances are, you got a Grimer in the process. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is really amazing and unique in its new features. "Wondertrade" will sure be another way of fun and a way of surprises but to access this feature, just press "X" on your 3DS.

Once you have pressed it, go to "Festival Plaza" and you will go through a tutorial. Look at the bottom screen and select "Wondertrade", After that, you connect to the internet and save the game, just like in the older versions of Pokemon. Lastly, choose the Pokemon you want to trade and the search for a partner will commence. Everything after that will be commencing the trade receiving the random Pokemon.

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