'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: How to Transfer Old Pokemon Into The Game

By Allan O , Updated Nov 22, 2016 09:18 AM EST

One of the best thing about playing “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and any other Pokemon game is the ability to transfer the Pokemon caught before to the latest Pokemon game now. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” holds about 800 Pokemon to discover so to start again from scratch will throw away all the player’s efforts in previous Pokemon games if they didn’t have the transfer option.

However, the game is still new and not all of its features are already working. This includes the option to transfer Pokemon from old versions of the game to “Pokemon Sun and Moon”. When that feature is activated, it will be a separate app which is called Pokemon Bank. According to reports, the game will be updated on January 2017 which should include the activation of Pokemon Bank.

But while waiting for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” to activate it, players can already download the app on their 3DS. The app is compatible with “Pokemon X and Y”, “Alpha Saphire” and “Omega Ruby” and should be identified in the game as soon as it the app is used. Once Pokemon are transferred, players can view and search for them through the menu on the bottom screen while Pokemon bank can be seen at the top of the console’s screen. Pokemon Bank only costs $4.99 a year so its really cheap and worth buying.

One must take note though that the transferring of Pokemon from one game to “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is only a way transfer. This means that once the Pokemon are transferred they are there to stay and cannot be taken back to its old game. So players are advised to think before transferring and choose wisely which Pokemon to transfer. Tranferring all their Pokemon mean they will have to restart their story in the old games because there is no Pokemon left.

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