‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Rare, Shiny Breed Spotted By Dataminers, Rolling Out In Next Upgrade?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 22, 2016 04:50 PM EST

Niantic continues to roll out updates for “Pokemon Go” and the latest potential goodie could be in the form of a new critter happening soon. With tons of new generation Pokemon rumored to be coming, the latest one has to do with a rare and shiny Pokemon breed.

Dataminers were at it again, uncovering some new codes that showed phrases like “shiny” and “rare”, The Silph Road reported. This was done through an APK search and most are now under the impression that a new pocket monster could be coming out in the next update.

Speaking of shiny, it seems that the codes return a lot of this phrase. If so, the feature may not be limited to a possible new “Pokemon Go” creature but objects as well. That said, attention to the details and textures could be happening, hue and shades that may show something different when reflected.

All these remain rumors for now but seeing a “Shiny” Pokemon should be something different and interesting to folks who have been looking for something new. If true, the new “Pokemon Go” critter will join a long list of expected pocket monsters that include Ditto and Lapras.

With the emphasis on presentation, seeing a “Shiny Pokemon” could offer a new attraction to the ones looking to hone up their Pokedex. It is a Pokemon that would offer a different kind of coloration compared to its original form, the color of which would vary depending on the Pokemon type, per reports.

Adding some flavor as well are new audios that play each time a wild Pokemon is caught in “Pokemon Go”. They will be classified as rare in the game and should add more spunk to players who get upbeat with sounds. The feature was spotted in the same script courtesy of the dataminers.

Will a “Shiny Pokemon” debut soon on “Pokemon Go”? Stay tuned for more updates on the hit augmented reality game here on Game and Guide.

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