'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Tips, Tricks & Cheats: Here's What You Should Do Early In The Game!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 22, 2016 11:07 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun & Moon" finally released around the world yesterday (except for Europe) and "Pokemon" fans are already rushing to play the game and uncover its secrets. While there hasn't been any news of anyone finishing the whole game just yet, many people are only just starting their adventure in Alola, and there's a list of things you need to do and remember.

IGN has compiled a list of important things you need to do in "Pokemon Sun & Moon," things most "Pokemon" veterans already know, but couldn't hurt to be reminded of. First is to remember to always buy a drink at a Pokemon Center Cafe every day. This is because you get a free healing item, such as Potions, every time you buy a drink at a cafe, and this bonus refreshes every day. On a related note, if you're going to buy Poke Balls from the Poke Mart, make sure to buy them in batches of 10, as you get a free Premier Ball to go along with your new Poke Balls.

Every Pokemon trainer already knows that you get the most out of your "Pokemon Sun & Moon" experience by battling all the trainers you can see in the game world. One thing you should remember, however, is to talk to all the NPCs you can talk to. Some of them give out side quests that are always doable every day for easy money and other possibly rare items.

Also, "Pokemon Sun & Moon" has the Pokemon Refresh mechanic, which allows you to maximize your Pokemon's experience gains by increasing your Pokemon's affection for you. You can pet them, feed them Poke Beans (also obtainable from the Pokemon Center Cafe) and groom them after a battle is finished (just press Y when the Pokemon Refresh prompt appears while the battle is ending).

"Pokemon Sun & Moon" may be one of the most successful games in the franchise yet, selling almost two million copies in Japan over last weekend, according to Eurogamer. Only "Pokemon X & Y" did better than this for the Nintendo 3DS.

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