'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Will Gohan Unlock His Immense Power Again & Get Strong Like He Used To?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:08 AM EST

After the battle between Champa, fans are awaiting for the return of Gohan, who dedicated himself in taking care of his family. This also includes the basic lifestyle of humans on Earth. However, with the battle that is raging on, Gohan wishes to return.

It is expected that he will be training again under Picollo and will make sure to regain his fighting spirit to defeat evil in the way. Following the battle, the future episodes will make Hit return for a special mission, which includes killing Goku with no limitations. Unlike before, the tournament presented rule to be followed, but now, Hit can do anything he wants just to make sure he kills Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 71.

Gohan's looks and appearance compared to the old times

The Gohan people and fans knew and love has that uniform given by Master Roshi with an insignia at the back. However, "Dragon Ball Super" makes Gohan a little bit different from the old one. His hair is still similar but smoother in terms of animation and style. That one group of hair hanging down on his forehead while the other parts of his hair are perfectly upright, which is still the signature hair of Gohan.

Speculations and theories regarding Gohan's scenes in the future episodes

Numerous theories and conclusions can be derived from the previous episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" and one of these is Gohan being able to unlock his superpower, the monkey-like beast locked deep within him. Another theory would be Gohan training hard, as seen that he is bigger and bulkier compared to before.

If the beast will be released, this will be the perfect opportunity to unlock Gohan's super Saiyan 5 form, which is powerful enough to defeat the strongest opponents. Let the wait begin until the episode will air and reveal shocking revelations on the story.


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