'One Piece' Chapter 847 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Big Mom Breaks Promise to Sanji? Luffy, Nami to Face Serious Threat

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 23, 2016 09:06 AM EST

With Luffy and Nami under threat in "One Piece" Chapter 846, will Big Mom truly spare their lives and keep her promise to Sanji? Here are the things all fans should expect in "One Piece" Chapter 846.

Chapter 846 Recap

In "One Piece" Chapter 846, both Luffy and Nami have been attacked by Charlotte Linlin's army. The two had done their best to fight back, which then surprised some of the army soldiers. While both Luffy and Nami put on valiant efforts, they were still outnumbered and were eventually defeated. Sanji then pleads Big Mom to spare the lives of the two pirates, which she then accepts.

While doing so, Linlin then reiterates that Sanji is obliged to wed Pudding. His friends' safety would be guaranteed if he complies to this order. This means that "One Piece" Chapter 846 will see Sanji marrying Pudding, and he could not attempt by any means to run away.

"One Piece" Chapter 846 then sees the Vinsmoke then promises to comply to Yonko's wishes. Big Mom also swears to honor her words. Elsewhere, some of Charlotte Linlin's protectors have been discussing things regarding the Poneglyphs. Pedro and Brook are seen to be listening in on the conversation, without Yonko's guards knowing. With this, "One Piece" fans have been suspecting that Big Mom might be lying.

Chapter 847 Predictions

Speculations for "One Piece" Chapter 847 suggest that Big Mom will break her vow to Sanji. While this might seem as a threat, this is not a surprising move by Big Mom at all. This would then be the cause why both and Luffy and Nami would still be kept in the castle.

It is also very likely that the two imprisoned "One Piece" Chapter 847 characters would undergo a series of tortures inside the castle's isolated prison. Luffy and Nami could also be reunited with Jimbei inside the prison. "One Piece" fans believe that Linlin will have spared Jimbei, but he is still under her control.

In previous chapters of "One Piece," Big Mom had said that Jimbei would only be freed if the roulette spares him. The ultimate result of this scenario is yet to be revealed. With all these predictions bound to happen in "One Piece" Chapter 847, fans are in for an exciting adventure.

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