‘Dead Island’ Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Mobile Version In The Works, How Will It Compare To Consoles?

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:31 AM EST

Capcom joined the zombie craze when they released the post-apocalyptic, yet tropically aesthetic survival title "Dead Island." Players were given the opportunity to bash undead heads in an ironically beautiful setting in a shoreline paradise. Unfortunately, the series did not reach the heights as Capcom expected it to be with the game company scrapping the plans for "Dead Island: Epidemic" and laying-off the team developing the game's sequel.

However, the "Dead Island" franchise may not be dead to rights as many thought to be. According to iDigital Times, Capcom has confirmed the development of a mobile version of the original "Dead Island." In an interview with the head of Koch Media, the parent company of the original developers of "Dead Island 2," they revealed the existence of a mobile version currently in development.

Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz implored fans that the company is still very much committed in securing the future of the "Dead Island" series. "I can tell you we are also working on a mobile game under the IP, which we will have more to say about in a little while," Kundratitz stated. "The franchise has our full attention." Kundratitz reminded fans that the sequel is also still in development after infamous production problems, and that the sequel is being produced in "good hands."

As reported by Video Gamer, Koch Media did go on to explain further details about this newly announced mobile version of "Dead Island." Whether it will be free to play, pay to win, or a premium mobile app is yet to be announced. The perspective of the game is also still in question as it is uncertain whether or not the mobile version will utilize a first person perspective that the original game used.

The "Dead Island" series has been dead and alive in terms of production. The original "Dead Island" was a sleeper hit and spawned two spin-off games to capitalize on its success. A dedicated sequel has been in the works for years now with no apparent release date in sight. With the mobile version in the works, Capcom seems to be working towards revitalizing the series.

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