'Rainbow Six: Siege' Latest News & Update: 'Operation Red Crow' DLC Releases This Week, Year Two Details Leaked?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 23, 2016 06:11 AM EST

The newest expansion for Tom Clancy's novel derivative video game "Rainbow Six: Siege" is going to hit the road tomorrow Thursday, Nov 24th. Here is the best thing that is going to happen - gamers don't have to worry if they don't have money because Ubisoft is giving it away for free anyway.

"Rainbow Six: Siege" calls this new expansion "Operation Red Crow" and is going to feature operatives Echo and Hibana, both of them hails from Japan SAT. Further, players can expect new setting and maps. Notable among these is called "Skyscraper" that is situated in Nagoya. This map presents new face for "Rainbow Six: Siege" since your character is going to tackle a Yakuza boss who owns the place, Christian Times reported.

While the compulsory contents of "Rainbow Six: Siege" Operation Red Crow are going to be free, Ubisoft clears that customization packs like uniforms and other player effects are exclusive. These skins are available through additional purchase but doesn't affect the gameplay anyway so gamers can opt to simply buy it when able.

About "Rainbow Six: Siege" gameplay, Ubisoft presents balance fix in the expansion. Meaning, damage done to sieged building or enemies are dependent on which bullet the player is using. Higher quality gears and arsenal will cause more damage while lesser ones have significantly lower impact.

Since we already stirred the bee's nest, let us spoil "Rainbow Six: Siege" for next year a bit. There is a rumor circulating in Reddit that year two of this shooter was leaked and there is sufficient basis that somebody has pried into Ubisoft's chest. However, keep in mind that the developer clears out that they are going to release free DLC from now on so take this lightly.

"Rainbow Six: Siege" year two taunts 8 new operators plus matching uniforms and headgears. This one can be under the optional purchase section but everything resides in murky waters until official statement emanates from Ubisoft.

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