‘Pokémon GO’ Gameplay, Latest News & Update: Ditto Is Live! Here’s How to Catch The Shifty Yet Adorable Pokémon

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 23, 2016 06:45 AM EST

It's about time the last non-legendary Pokémon from the original roster gets included in "Pokémon GO." Ditto, the purple blob with quite the transformation skills, has finally made an appearance. In fact, players from all over the world are already boasting of their catch online.

Pokémon veterans have long known that Ditto has the ability to take on the form and skills of an opponent Pokémon -- and that's how exactly how the little monster is caught. According to Kotaku, "Pokémon GO" players have taken to social media to share images of an already-caught Ditto, which was previously a low-level Pokémon like Rattata, Pidgey and Zubat. Only when caught the Pokémon transformed into Ditto.

From the posted photos of "Pokémon GO" players, it appears that the Dittos being caught retain high CP. Ditto is reportedly available to catch anywhere in the world. Players from the US, Australia and some regions in Europe have been flooding the internet with images of the Pokémon.

Transform In "Pokémon GO"

Polygon reports that data miners at The Silph Road first noticed a new addition to the game earlier this month, which is the Transform move. If any move is directly associated with Ditto, it is clearly Transform, which allows the Pokémon to morph into another creature during battle. This has fueled speculations that Ditto will be added in "Pokémon GO," and Niantic clearly did not disappoint players.

How To Catch Ditto In "Pokémon GO"

By now, it is pretty obvious that you shouldn't try and bypass a low-level Pokémon, because Ditto could be hiding in there. the monster isn't going to show up in "Pokémon GO" its own form; instead, you won't know you've caught it until you capture whatever he's morphed himself into.

If you just play "Pokémon GO" casually and happened to put your phone down after the Pokeball clicks, you might now have even realized you've captured Ditto. The Pokémon has totally shifted the game's mechanics.

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