‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: Tips To Get Legendary Pokemon Necrozma

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 23, 2016 06:00 AM EST

With the extensive Pokedex catalog included in the new Nintendo 3DS gaming title "Pokemon Sun and Moon," some players may have a difficult time finding and capturing all of the Pokemon creatures in the game. However, latest gaming tips revealed how gamers can get their hands on the legendary Pokemon Necrozma.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players may have already found various Pokemon creatures to beef up their respective in-game Pokedex. Capturing a normal Pokemon will be different from getting an Ultra Beast or a legendary Pokemon in the new Nintendo 3DS game.

Latest gaming tips posted on Mic unveiled the steps that a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamer can follow to nab the legendary creature Necrozma. The said psychic-type Pokemon can only be captured once a player has already completed the game and caught all post-mission Ultra Beasts.

Once the said two requirements are complete, players can look for the police officer named Looker. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" character will tell a tale of a mysterious flying Pokemon, who happens to be Necrozma, lurking around the vicinity of Melemele Island.

Gamers can have their in-game trainers head on over to the said island's Ten Cara Hill and look for the farthest Hollow area, as indicated in the same report. To prepare for the battle, players should have a Master Ball in their inventory, a Max Repel to ward off other Pokemon while searching for Necrozma and a powerful team of Pokemon fighters.

The said legendary Pokemon will have levels that start from 75 and may be difficult to defeat for less than ready players. Normal Balls and Beast Balls will also be ineffective given Necrozma's legendary Pokemon status.

In other news, several gamers have reported a gaming glitch in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Saving a game in a Pokemon Center can damage a player's game file. Many players discovered their characters missing upon reloading the game and were "unable to proceed any further," according to Polygon.

A similar glitch was also observed when saving in specific areas of the post game's Battle Tree section. Game developers have yet to comment on the gaming glitch.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS. Learn more about the game's rare Pokemon creatures and other gaming tips:

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