‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Officially Added Ditto to Pokedex! Gen 2, Legendary Next Big Things? New Tracking System Launched!

By Maui , Updated Nov 23, 2016 10:02 AM EST

There are still several "Pokemon GO" creatures that are not added in its official Pokedex list such as the Gen 2 Pokemon and Ditto. But, recent reports claim that some players have successfully caught Ditto in disguise with a common low-level Pokemon like Zubat, Pidgey and Rattata.

According to a report from Pokemon GO Pocket, because Ditto is in disguise with a common low CP Pokemon, players should never disregard Zubats, Pidgeys and Rattatas from now on. Once the player catches a Ditto in disguise, it transforms back from a weak Pokemon to its original Ditto form after the capture screen.

After Ditto's catch has been confirmed, fans have been speculating that the Gen 2 Pokemon will be the next big thing that will come to "Pokemon GO" very soon. Some rumors claim that Niantic will be releasing the Gen 2 Pokemon this coming December in celebration for its upcoming Christmas event.

In other news, Niantic officially released a new and accurate "Pokemon GO" tracker in some selected regions. According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, the improved tracker is now available in Australia, US West Coast, US Midwest and Mexico. But, it is still not available in New Zealand, US East Coast, Europe, South East Asia and Japan.

Niantic is expected to release the new Pokemon tracking system worldwide next month. Some reports also claim that the biggest update in "Pokemon GO" will happen in December because the legendary Pokemon, PvP Battle System, and Trading feature might also be released.

The PvP Battle System is one of the most requested features by most of the players so they can interact more with other gamers. The PvP System might also bring players more closely so they will not just walk around and catch Pokemon, but they can also get to know other players as well. Always stay tuned to GameNGuide to know the latest news and updates for "Pokemon GO."

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