‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Get the Upper Hand Early in the Game? Guide, Gameplay Details Revealed

By Ivan M. , Updated Nov 23, 2016 08:40 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has recently been released by game developer Game Freak and publisher The Pokemon Company on Nintendo 3DS. Now players are trying to get the best strategies on how they can start efficiently while enjoying the game at the same time. The goal of most players is to take an early advantage over other gamers, and to do that they need to get the strong Flying/Dragon type Pokemon Salamence.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Salamence

Salamence is not as hard to catch as some players would say; as a matter of fact, gamers can get the Pokemon monster early in the game. They just need to have more patience and determination to catch Salamence in Melemele Island early in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Players must take note that they need to complete the challenged against Totem Gumshoo enable to unlock the SOS mechanic that allows the Pokemon to call for help once their HP becomes pretty low.

The next thing players must do to get Salamence early in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is to finish the Mallows Trial, which will unlock the Adrenaline Orb. Players can get this item at any Pokemon Center, and it will push the Pokemon monsters to call for help regardless if they have low HP or not.

Players must also have a Pokemon that already has False Swipe ability as it will help restrain the Pokemon monsters from fainting during battle. False Swipe is a very important skill in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that allows players to have an easier time playing the game.

Meanwhile, to get Salamence in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," players must locate the Pokemon at the right hand side of Melemele Island. Gamers must cross over to the other side after going down to the bridge and avoid staying at the right side because Bagon is not available in the patch of grass in the area.

Getting Salamence early in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" definitely provides a major advantage for players over the others. Stay tuned for more tips and guides in the future.

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